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26.04.2019 r. g. 15:44
Current Report 13/2019
Conclusion with Panattoni Construction Europe sp. z o.o. a contract for construction works
26.04.2019 r. g. 13:58
Current Report 12/2019
Change in the publication date of the consolidated and interim annual report for 2018
25.04.2019 r. g. 18:30
Current Report 11/2019
Conclusion of a letter of intent with Panattoni Construction Europe sp. z o. o.
19.04.2019 r. g. 11:42
Current Report 10/2019
Building permit as part of the project "Osiedle Zielone Etap III" obtained
18.04.2019 r. g. 11:14
Current Report 9/2019
Information on the sale of premises in the first quarter of 2019
29.03.2019 r. g. 20:17
Current Report 8/2019
Conclusion of contract with 7R S.A. for general contracting of facilities in Warsaw
29.03.2019 r. g. 20:12
Current Report 7/2019
Entry into force of the contract for construction works in Oława
06.03.2019 r. g. 17:52
Current Report 6/2019
Conclusion of an annex on the series F bonds issue program
05.03.2019 r. g. 20:22
Current Report 5/2019
Decision on the implementation of the second stage of works under the construction works contract
08.02.2019 r. g. 16:10
Current Report 4/2019
Conclusion of a construction contract with Panattoni Development Europe Sp. z o. o.
17.01.2019 r. g. 9:16
Current Report 3/2019
Information on the sale of premises in 2018
10.01.2019 r. g. 11:53
Current Report 2/2019
Publication dates of periodic reports in 2019
04.01.2019 r. g. 15:53
Current Report 1/2019
Conclusion of a current loan agreement by a subsidiary with mBank S.A.