Corporate order

A set of principles of conduct relating to the companies’ bodies – supervisory board, management board – and the shareholders.

The Company’s Directors

The joint stock company Dekpol is managed by a qualified panel of persons. The Company is managed by three Management Board Members and five members of the Supervisory Board.

Profiles of the members of the management board

Mariusz Tuchlin

President of the Management Board of Dekpol S.A.

Michał Skowron

Vice-President of the Management Board of Dekpol S.A.

Katarzyna Szymczak-Dampc

Member of the Management Board of Dekpol S.A.

Profiles of the members of the supervisory board

Roman Suszek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

He holds a diploma in law received from the University of Gdańsk. He has completed solicitor`s training. He is the owner of the Office of Legal Advisor since 2004.

Jacek Grzywacz

Member of the Supervisory Board

He holds a university degree received from the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice at the Faculty of Organisation and Management. He graduated from the School for Financial Directors organised by the Privatisation Centre Foundation – Business Development Institute. Currently, he is the president and the co-owner of JKG Finances, which specialises in economic and financial assistance.

Jacek Kędzierski

Independent member of the Supervisory Board

He holds a university degree. He graduated from the University of Gdańsk in the field of Economic Cybernetics and Information Technology. During most of his professional career he was related to financial and accounting assistance for companies all over Poland. He has long experience in the field of commercial goods sales to the largest hypermarkets in Poland.

Grzegorz Wąsacz

Independent member of the Supervisory Board

He holds a university degree. He graduated from the University of Rzeszów, Faculty: Law. Currently, he runs individual business activity. Previously, he worked in the XL Catlin, PwC Poland, Credit Suisse Poland and the BSO Law & Taxes Bramorski Szermach and Partners Law Firm.

Wojciech Sobczak

Member of the Supervisory Board

He is a graduate of the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. He began his professional career in 1990 in the bank PKO BP SA. Until the year 2008 he was the President of the Management Board of NFI KREZUS SA. Over the next years, until 2010, he held the position of the President and then the Vice President of the Management Board of Suwary S.A. From 2010 he is an advisor to Wentworth tech Sp. z o.o. In addition he was an advisor to the management boards of several companies, mainly in the area of IPO. Since 1991, he has a stockbroker`s license. For many years, Wojciech Sobczak held various functions in the bodies of commercial law companies, including the President of the Management Board of NFI KREZUS SA, the President and later the Vice President of the Management Board of Suwary SA, a member of the Supervisory Board in commercial companies,including listed companies such as: SKOTAN SA. MAKRUM SA. Alchemia SA and Protektor S.A.

The Company's statements

A collection of materials and issues discussed in the framework of the General Meetings of Shareholders of Dekpol S.A.

Corporate documents

A collection of documents regulating operations of the statutory bodies of the Company together with the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Audit Committee

The statutory competencies of the Audit Committee comprise:

  • Monitoring of the financial reporting process;
  • Monitoring of efficiency of the internal controls systems and risk management systems as well as internal audit, including in the scope of the financial reporting;
  • Monitoring of carrying out of the financial audit, in particular conducting of audit by an audit company, taking into account any motions and establishments of the Audit Supervision Committee arising from the control conducted in the audit company;
  • Controlling and monitoring of independence of the Registered Auditor and the audit company, in particular in the case, when the audit company provides other services than audit alone for the Company;
  • Informing of the Supervisory Board about the results of the audit and explaining how the audit contributed to the fairness of the Company’s financial reporting, as well as what was the role of the Audit Committee in the audit process;
  • Assessment of the Registered Auditor independence and expressing consent for providing thereby of the allowed services not constituting an audit;
  • Preparing of the selection policy of the audit company to carry out audit;
  • Preparing of the policy of providing by the audit company conducting the audit, by the entities related with the audit company and by a member of the audit company network of the allowed services not constituting the audit;
  • Determining of the audit company selection procedure;
  • Presenting recommendations to the Supervisory Board, concerning appointment of the registered auditors or audit companies, pursuant to the policies, referred to in point 5 and 6;
  • Providing of recommendations aimed at ensuring reliability of the Company’s financial reporting process.


The Audit Committee is composed of three persons:


Jacek Kędzierski – Chairperson of the Audit Committee

Jacek Grzywacz – Member of the Audit Committee

Roman Suszek – Member of the Audit Committee.


The Audit Committee Members – Jacek Kędzierski and Roman Suszek meet the requirements of independent members in the meaning of the Act on Registered Auditors (…), as well as in the meaning of Good Practices of the Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange in 2016.


EBI Reports

Zbiór raportów Dekpol S.A. dotyczących zasad ładu korporacyjnego.

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27.04.2018 r. g. 16:04
EBI Report 1/2018
Start of using I.Z.1.7. principle contained in a set of the Best Practice 2016 of GPW (WSE) listed companies
16.12.2016 r. g. 14:57
EBI Report 2/2016
Start of application of the rule I.Z.1.10. enclosed in a set of “Best Practice of GPW Listed Companies 2016” regarding publication of financial projections
22.01.2016 r.
EBI Report 1/2016
Report on the scope of following Best Practices