Financial results

Dynamic growth of the operations’ scale by 115% up to PLN 161 mln of revenues in the first quarter of 2018. In accordance with the forecast of the Management Board, turnovers of the Capital Group of Dekpol in 2018 will increase by 23%, that is to PLN 710 million. The revenues from the sector of general contracting will amount to PLN 450 million; from developer operations they will achieve the level of PLN 190 million, and in the segment of production of accessories to building machines – PLN 70 million.

Stand-alone financial results of Dekpol S.A. (PLN mln)
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Revenues 194,5 251,1 361,9 279,4 583,5
EBITDA 27,9 28,9 88,7 14,9 37,8
Profitability EBITDA (%) 14,36 11,5 24,5 5,3 6,5
EBIT 25,0 24,8 85,4 11,0 31,9
Profitability EBIT (%) 12,86 9,9 23,6 3,9 5,5
Net result 17,8 17,2 66,1 8,9 20,8

Net profitability (%)

9,15 6,9 18,3 3,2 3,6
Consolidated financial results of the Group of Dekpol S.A. (data in PLN mln)
2015 2016 2017
Revenues 310,4 258,7 579,0
EBITDA 22,3 34,7 53,0
Profitability EBITDA (%) 7,2 13,4 9,2
EBIT 19,0 30,8 47,1
Profitability EBIT (%) 6,1 11,9 8,1
Net result 12,4 22,9 33,0
Net profitability (%) 4,0 8,9 5,7


Financial forecast

Share of the sectors in revenues in 2018 (forecast)

General Contracting
Developer operations
Accessories for building machines
2018 r.

In accordance with an update of projection published on 25th of September 2018 in current report no 66/2018, in the opinion of Management Board:

  • sales revenues of the Dekpol Capital Group for 2018 in total from all areas of operations may amount to PLN 800 million (previously: PLN 710 million), including:

– sales revenues in the General contracting segment PLN 540 million (previously: PLN 450 million),

– sales revenues in the Property development segment PLN 190 million,

– sales revenues in the segment Production of equipment for construction machines PLN 70 million.

Increasing the expected level of revenues is related to the signing of new contracts in general contracting segment in the second half of the year, the implementation of which will affect the level of revenues in 2018.

The Issuer will evaluate the feasibilities of execution of the above mentioned projection, and in case of any discrepancies equal to 20% – will announce about this fact in current reports published.

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25.09.2018 r. g. 14:17
Current Report No. 66/2018
Estimated financial data of the Dekpol Capital Group for the first half of 2018 and updated forecast of financial results for 2018
2017 r.

In accordance with an update of projection published on 14th of December 2017 in current report no 69/2017, in the opinion of Management Board:

  • Sales revenues of Dekpol Capital Group in 2017 from all business operations will amount PLN 560 million in total (comparing to PLN 500 million projected in current projection)
  • Net profit will amount PLN 33,5 million
  • EBITDA will amount PLN 54,5 million.

The above financial data have been presented according to the best knowledge of Management Board of the Company as at its preparation date on the basis of assumption, that until the end of the year 2017 will not come up any events, which could significantly affect the above mentioned values.

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14.12.2017 r. g. 10:08
Current Report No. 69/2017
Updating of the financial results forecast of the Capital Group of Dekpol for 2017

Financial ratios

Selected rations for the Capital Group of Dekpol – As at 31 December 2017

Debt ratio to EBITDA: 2.41

The ratio of total net debt (total balance sheet value of the consolidated interest-bearing liabilities of the Capital Group of Dekpol less cash and cash equivalents) to EBITDA (sum of the operating activities result and amortisation/depreciation).

Debt ratio for Equity: 0.76

Ratio of total net debt (as above) to equity of the Capital Group of Dekpol.