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Operating weight
Name Type Operating weight
4in1 buckets 11-15,5t4in1 bucketsW5 (11-15,5T)
4in1 buckets 15,5-17t4in1 bucketsW6 (15,5-17T)
4in1 buckets 4-5,5t4in1 bucketsW2 (4-5,5T)
4in1 buckets 5,5-6,5t4in1 bucketsW3 (5,5-6,5T)
4in1 buckets 7-10t4in1 bucketsW4 (7-10T)
Buckets with downholder 11-15,5tBuckets with downholderW5 (11-15,5T)
Buckets with downholder 15,5-17tBuckets with downholderW6 (15,5-17T)
Buckets with downholder 18-22tBuckets with downholderW7 (18-22T)
Buckets with downholder 4-5,5tBuckets with downholderW2 (4-5,5T)
Buckets with downholder 5,5-6,5tBuckets with downholderW3 (5,5-6,5T)
Buckets with downholder 7-10tBuckets with downholderW4 (7-10T)
Buckets with increased capacity 11-15,5tBuckets with increased capacityW5 (11-15,5T)
Buckets with increased capacity 15,5-17tBuckets with increased capacityW6 (15,5-17T)
Buckets with increased capacity 18-22tBuckets with increased capacityW7 (18-22T)
Buckets with increased capacity 22-25tBuckets with increased capacityW8 (22-25T)
Buckets with increased capacity 25-29tBuckets with increased capacityW9 (25-29T)
Buckets with increased capacity 30-40tBuckets with increased capacityW10 (30-40T)
Buckets with increased capacity 4-5,5tBuckets with increased capacityW2 (4-5,5T)
Buckets with increased capacity 5,5-6,5tBuckets with increased capacityW3 (5,5-6,5T)
Buckets with increased capacity 7-10tBuckets with increased capacityW4 (7-10T)
Forks 11-15,5tForksW5 (11-15,5T)
Forks 15,5-17tForksW6 (15,5-17T)
Forks 18-22tForksW7 (18-22T)
Forks 22-25tForksW8 (22-25T)
Forks 4-5,5tForksW2 (4-5,5T)
Forks 5,5-6,5tForksW3 (5,5-6,5T)
Forks 7-10tForksW4 (7-10T)
High dump buckets 11-15,5tHigh dump bucketsW5 (11-15,5T)
High dump buckets 15,5-17tHigh dump bucketsW6 (15,5-17T)
High dump buckets 18-22tHigh dump bucketsW7 (18-22T)
High dump buckets 22-25tHigh dump bucketsW8 (22-25T)
High dump buckets 25-29tHigh dump bucketsW9 (25-29T)
High dump buckets 30-40tHigh dump bucketsW10 (30-40T)
High dump buckets 5,5-6,5tHigh dump bucketsW3 (5,5-6,5T)
High dump buckets 7-10tHigh dump bucketsW4 (7-10T)
Loader quick couplers 11-15,5tLoader quick couplersW5 (11-15,5T)
Loader quick couplers 15,5-17tLoader quick couplersW6 (15,5-17T)
Loader quick couplers 18-22tLoader quick couplersW7 (18-22T)
Loader quick couplers 22-25tLoader quick couplersW8 (22-25T)
Loader quick couplers 25-29tLoader quick couplersW9 (25-29T)
Loader quick couplers 30-40tLoader quick couplersW10 (30-40T)
Loader quick couplers 7-10tLoader quick couplersW4 (7-10T)
Quick couplers 13-18,5tLoader quick couplersD9 (13-18,5T)
Rock buckets 15,5-17tRockW6 (15,5-17T)
Rock buckets 18-22tRockW7 (18-22T)
Rock buckets 22-25tRockW8 (22-25T)
Rock buckets 25-29tRockW9 (25-29T)
Rock buckets 30-40tRockW10 (30-40T)
Skeleton buckets 11-15,5tSkeletonW5 (11-15,5T)
Skeleton buckets 15,5-17tSkeletonW6 (15,5-17T)
Skeleton buckets 18-22tSkeletonW7 (18-22T)
Skeleton buckets 22-25tSkeletonW8 (22-25T)
Skeleton buckets 25-29tSkeletonW9 (25-29T)
Skeleton buckets 4-5,5tSkeletonW2 (4-5,5T)
Skeleton buckets 5,5-6,5tSkeletonW3 (5,5-6,5T)
Skeleton buckets 7-10tSkeletonW4 (7-10T)
Standard buckets 11-15,5tStandardW5 (11-15,5T)
Standard buckets 15,5-17tStandardW6 (15,5-17T)
Standard buckets 18-22tStandardW7 (18-22T)
Standard buckets 22-25tStandardW8 (22-25T)
Standard buckets 25-29tStandardW9 (25-29T)
Standard buckets 30-40tStandardW10 (30-40T)
Standard buckets 4-5,5tStandardW2 (4-5,5T)
Standard buckets 5,5-6,5tStandardW3 (5,5-6,5T)
Standard buckets 7-10tStandardW4 (7-10T)

In the DEKPOL Group, we have focused on quality since the beginning of our activity. We use original sheets from SSAB. Moreover, we hold the HARDOX IN MY BODY certificate. Our experience, skills, and materials make our products some of the best on the market.

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