Dekpol Deweloper presents development plans

Dekpol Deweloper, the real-estate development company belonging to Dekpol Capital Group, summarized its business activities in 2019. In the prepared investor presentation, the company also presented its most important development plans.

Dekpol Deweloper develops its business activities on a property development market. The key events of last year include, among other things impressive debut of the Sol Marina investment project on Wyspa Sobieszewska (Sobieszewska Island), release for use of the property investment called Młoda Morena in Gdańsk, Nowe Rokitki IV and Nowe Rokitki Park II in Tczew, as well as an increase in the average value of apartments to PLN 450 thousands.

Current year 2020 prospects to be even more promising. “The Company’s strategy assumes a sustained development of real-estate development activities, both in popular, as well as in premium construction segments or in investment properties segment. The company is focused on implementation of high-margin projects and systematic improvement of achieved financial results” – announces Sebastian Barandziak, President of the Management Board of Dekpol Deweloper.

This year, the Company plans to provide customers with keys to approximately 650 ready apartments worth PLN 320 million, with a simultaneous increase in the gross margin on sales to over 20%. At the same time, the Company intends to sell around 400 new apartments of a total value of PLN 200 million. The potential for further development is enormously big. As part of investment projects being prepared on the owned land bank, Dekpol Deweloper may provide in total nearly 5,4 thousand of flats with over 230 thousand of PUM (usable floor area).

In the perspective of subsequent periods, the Company also assumes: developing of cooperation with financial institutions providing the Company with access to capital, strengthening the position of the real-estate developer on the local market (Tri-City and the surrounding area), expanding of its activities to Wroclaw and Warsaw markets, as well as commencing of construction works in 8 new projects. The Company’s goals for 2020 include also: expanding the client’s portfolio with new individual and institutional clients as well as intensive implementation of CSR policy in the company with particular emphasis on introducing an increasing number of solutions in the field of ecological construction.

More information can be found in the presentation available for download on the website: